So here goes…

In an effort to grow and balance myself in all ways, and to connect more deeply with the Universe and those around me, I’m undertaking some new pursuits that speak to my soul. These pursuits involve seeking guidance from the Universe and it’s Creator through symbolic mediums, and channeling it’s energies through many different sensory and meditative practices.

Regardless of what you may or may not believe about the literal reality of these ideas, symbolism itself can be powerful for personal growth, understanding, inspiration, encouragement, and healing, which is why we respond to and learn from stories and metaphor and why images can speak to us more strongly than words at times. This is why, even though my journey is a deeply personal one, I will be openly discussing some of my efforts, because you never know what may resonate with or inspire others. Perhaps you don’t believe in chakras, or significance in the lunar cycle, but I do think that working on communication and self-expression (associated with the throat chakra) , or getting inspired to begin a new project or break a bad habit (symbolized by the new moon, coming up soon by the way) are things anyone can benefit from. Your journey is probably not exactly in line with mine, and I hardly mean to present myself as an accomplished example, for I have a great deal to learn, which is why I am embarking on this endeavor. But perhaps sometime, somewhere along the line, as I share what I am learning it may be something you needed to hear as well. The Universe makes cool things like that happen all the time 🙂

And so with that, I will be starting to actually post on a blog I created months ago but have yet to do anything with. If something catches your eye, please do check it out, and though feedback is entirely unnecessary (as previously mentioned, these are very personal endeavors), it is welcome! I have to confess that I feel remarkably uncomfortable with this kind of openness, so please bear with my tendency toward excessive disclaimers, and I’ll attempt to avoid them haha. Anyways, best wishes and good vibes to you all, and thanks for your time 🙂

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